Sweet A Girl Names Italian

Whenever we hear celebrity’s baby name we are certain that the name is original and unique. Most celebrities like to have a weird and unique baby name for their babies and that’s a fact. Moreover, it is not an easy task to name your baby unique or weird but celebrities do this struggle.

For most of the celebrities finding names for their little one is a long process. They do research, ascribe, and create weird and unique names that may not be chosen by normal people.

One of the examples we have Gillian Anderson who named her daughter as Piper. This name can not be chosen by us but she did it. Another example is Tony Braxton, a well-known rhythm and blues singer who named her two sons as Diesel and Denim. These names were given after famous designer jeans brands as this is known by many. Also, she is a great fan of Jean’s.

Moreover, there’s a great sense of humor found among singers. A famous singer Cher, named her little daughter as Chastity. Although the name is not weird it is surely a unique one. Also, the origin of the name is Latin and it stands for purity or pure. Another celebrity daughter is named Suri but the media name is given TomKat. The name means red rose and the origin is Persian. Also, She is the daughter of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes

Whereas the famous comedian Emily Jillette and famous magician Penn Jillette named their daughter as Moxie Crime Fighter. The name is unique, true, and original. The other real TV stars Betty Rainey and David Puck Rainey named their sons as Rocco Kokopelli and Bogart Che Peyote. The name Rocco has Italian origin which means rock whereas Kokopelli has no meaning and it is a unique name. Bogart has German origin which means bowstring while Che is Chepito or Chepe and it has Spanish origin.

Famous basketball player Olympia Scott- Richardson named her daughter as Bre Azia Ranee. Also, the famous star from several action movies and the Rocky series Sylvester Stallone named his daughter as Sage Moonblood. Sage has Latin origin and it means wise one while Moonblood has no explanation as it is a weird or unique name.

Can you imagine to name your daughter as Audio Science? It is hilarious and outrageous at the same time. But in the case of actress Shannon Sossamon, it was not and she named it to her daughter. Let’s wait for what she does when her daughter starts going to school. What will her classmates and teacher say to her? The name sounds so weird, crazy, and strange. Even the list of A girl names Italian has a wide list of weird and unique names.